Gargoyles YouTube streaming tips Disney loosening reigns on media

Supposing you weren't part of the Disney YouTube channel subscriber list and given backstage passes to the uploading of the entire three-season run of the cartoon Gargoyles last year, you likely had no idea they existed. Existed online as a free set of streaming bits, that is. Now Disney is making it a fully public sort of thing: every single episode of the cartoon Gargoyles is up for the watching, in their entirety, straight through Disney's own YouTube channel. This release comes on the 20th anniversary of the debut of the show, if you'd like your daily reminder of the fact that you've been alive a very long time.

This television show started in 1994 and went for three "full" seasons through 1996. During that time, the show produced action figures, collectible toys through restaurants, every sort of memorabilia you can imagine – and they showed up as full-sized walk-arounds at Disney World and Disney Land as well. The show is marked by its cast of well-known voice actors – that otherwise really didn't do one whole heck of alot of voice acting besides this title. Several of these actors also graced the television airwaves as actors in the Star Trek series "The Next Generation."

Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) – David Xanatos

Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) – Demona

Brent Spiner (Data) – Puck

Michael Dorn (Worf) – Coldstone

LeVar Burton (Geordi la Forge) – Anansi, Poacher

Also appearing in at least one episode is Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) as the character Diane Maza. You can find a full list of characters and their appearances on Star Trek shows and films at ToonZone. You'll find that not only actors from The Next Generation were sought out, but several actors that worked with Gargoyles then went on to appear in Star Trek titles thereafter.

Above you'll find the first episode in the series – it's a two-part episode, which is why it says (Part 1) above. Lucky you, every episode appears in full, requiring no silly click-and-wait nonsense of any kind. Disney has also organized the episodes into Playlists. You can find [Season One] as well as [Season Two] and [Season Three] available right this minute. Also of note is the simple nature in which Disney announced this release then announced it again – not with one large amount of fanfare.

While generally a release on this scale suggests we'd see additional content from Disney soon, here we'd bet more on the side of Disney just feeling like doing something nice ... and maybe drawing more people in to their YouTube channel in the process.