GarageBand 10.3 adds 1,000 loops, 400 sound effects, and much more

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 21, 2018, 7:58 pm CDT
GarageBand 10.3 adds 1,000 loops, 400 sound effects, and much more

Apple has released an update for GarageBand, its audio recording and editing application. The software is popular amongst both amateur musicians and podcasters, and will no doubt hold its appeal as Apple has made it even better: there are 1,000 new loops, among other things. This update brings the software to version 10.3.

GarageBand has been around for years and is free for macOS/iOS users to download. The software packs a bunch of features that you’d typically have to pay to access, not the least of which is a large library of sound effects and loops for use in productions.

Version 10.3 greatly expands that library, as mentioned, bringing 1,000 additional urban and electronic loops. Those loops, according to Apple, cover Chill Rap, Reggaeton, and Future Bass, but they’re only part of the change.

GarageBand 10.3 also adds another 400 sound effects in the voice, animals, and machine categories, plus there are 5 Vintage Mellotron patches and a pair of new Drummers offering Jazz and Roots brush styles. From there, the update adds traditional instruments from both Japan and China, among them being the Taiko, Guzheng, and Koto drums.

Apple decided to make Artist Lessons free to download, eliminating the previous $4.99/each price tag. That’s a major change for the software and excellent news for anyone who wants to learn the piano and/or guitar. Finally, GarageBand 10.3 brings some bug fixes and stability improvements, plus updated compatibility with GarageBand on iOS.

SOURCE: iTunes

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