Gametrak Freedom Wiimote-style Xbox 360 controller coming Q4

Xbox 360 owners will have a chance to gesticulate just as wildly at their console as Wii gamers as of this Fall, after Gametrak finally launch their Freedom motion-controller.  First spotted back in September last year, the latest redesign of the Gametrak Freedom gives it 360-coloring and more streamlined controls; unlike other Wiimote-clones we've seen, it uses ultrasonic 3D positioning for increased accuracy.

Two sensor bars are mounted to the gamer's display, and can track up to four different Freedom controllers simultaneously.  The system also uses accelerometers, so altogether can better judge not only pitch, roll and yaw, but distance, orientation, and speed of the device.

Since a novel controller is no use without games to take advantage of it, Gametrak have left nothing to chance and instead prepared their own launch title, Squeezeballs, courtesy of developer acquisition In2Games.  Offering a series of multi-level minigames, Squeezeballs will apparently be followed by third-party titles already in development.

No word on pricing, but the Xbox 360 version of the Freedom will arrive in Q4 2009.  A PS3 version is tentatively predicted to follow in 2010.