Gamestop will have Nintendo Wii on shelves for Black Friday

A lot of us are going to be chipping away at the old Christmas list in just a few weeks. Some items are going to a little harder to find than others. One item that is still in very high demand is Nintendo's Wii gaming console. The questions is will there be enough for this years holiday season?

A few months ago Gamestop made the comment that they will have plenty to go around this year. One Gamestop executive has pointed out that one downtown San Francisco store currently has them in stock. He also said that they had secured enough Wii consoles that he was confidant that the hard-to-find gaming system would be in stock till the first weeks of December.

It sounds like they are very sure that there will be no shortage for Black Friday. If you look on you will find them in stock as well. It looks like Nintendo has finally managed to get production levels up to where they need to be for the holiday season.  There has not been a noticeable decline in demand for Nintendo's leading game console.

[Via Wired]