GameStop to hold massive Brawl Tournament this Saturday

I've always found it fascinating that companies and stores will hold tournaments for games on launch day. While games that are sequels will have similar mechanics to previous titles, there is still something of a learning curve which helps to even the playing field a little. With that said, those of you that would call yourselves the champ in all things Super Smash Bros. might want to find your way to a GameStop come launch day for Brawl.

While Nintendo has already hosted their own official tourney for the game, most of us didn't have the opportunity to participate, since it was held in only 4 cities nationwide. GameStop's will be significantly larger, with over 2,500 locations participating.

They've made no mention of prizes on the store and district levels, however, if you find yourself in second or third place you'll get a GameStop gift card. The grand prize is nice too. You'll get a Vizio 37-inch LCD TV, the entire Wii software library, a bundle of accessories and $5000 in cold hard cash. Not too bad for standing in line and playing a video game.

[via Kotaku]