GameStop Selling 20GB PS3 For $449

If you want a good deal on a PS3, you might head over to GameStop. They're wanting rid of their old 20GB models, and thus they are offering them at only $449.99.

The $50 savings over the 60GB version might not be significant, but that does still get you 5 free Blu-ray movies. Personally, I'd cough up the extra dough to get the 60GB, as you'll also get the card reader and Wi-Fi, which isn't available on the smaller one.

Good luck finding a GameStop that has these in stock though. They've been trying to get rid of them for a while now, so you're probably not going to see many of them around.

GameStop offers $450 20GB PS3 units, with five free Blu-ray movies [via opposablethumbs]