GameStop PS3 Stocks Slashed in Half?

Pre-ordered your shiny new PlayStation 3 from GameStop/EB Games, did ya? You might wanna sharpen your pitchfork/sword/other weapon: apparently, due to "lower than expected yields", most stores have been forced to cut the number of consoles they'll have available when the console launches in the United States this week. In some cases, stores have lost half the stock they thought they'd have for the November 17th sendoff, meaning that a lot of very anxious campers are going to go home empty-handed. Just so that you're not left out in the cold, EB/GS are selecting unlucky pre-order owners based on when they ordered their machines and phoning them to tell them the news. Oh well; there's always the Wii if you need some gaming goodness! Otherwise, you're stuck waiting for the next PS3 shipment, and who knows when THAT might be?

[via IGN]