GameStop Donkey Kong 3D displays were bogus, store says

Even though GameStop somehow got its hands on a Donkey Kong 3D display case, the games retailer is now saying that the game doesn't exist and it should never have been put up in the store in the first place. In fact, a company employee has even been quoted as saying that the displays were essentially put up in error. It does a bit suspect, though.

So over the weekend, an online user who goes by the handle Scraps69 posted photos of a Nintendo 3DS display box with the title "Donkey Kong 3D" with the words "Coming 2012" and "Preorder Now" at the bottom. In the middle was a picture of Donkey and Diddy Kong. The picture was taken at an EB Games store in Australia. EB Games was acquired by GameStop several years ago.

When asked for comment, though, a GameStop representative told Kotaku, "The displays were not supplied by Nintendo and have been taken down. It's definitely not in the system in the U.S. I'm sure it's not elsewhere, either, but I can't confirm that." It's hard to imagine that EB Games just made this up for no reason. But, of course, the official word is essentially just "forget what you saw."

[via Kotaku]