GameStop breaks up with the Zune

I have some unfortunate news for those that plan on going out in search of a new Zune. No, they haven't discontinued them, nor is there some newly-discovered reason that you shouldn't buy one (other than the fact that it's a Zune). What has happened is that due to a lack of demand, one major retailer is kicking Microsoft's MP3 player to the curb.

Apparently GameStop hasn't been seeing a flood of customers entering their stores with a desire to purchase a new Zune. Apparently they aren't seeing the significance of buying one alongside a shiny new Xbox 360.

Wait a minute, when did GameStop start selling Zunes. I pop into my local store now and then to browse their used games, and can't recall ever seeing a Zune anywhere in the store. Perhaps I'm able to simply overlook the device so easily that I hadn't noticed, or they haven't been advertised very well.

[via Pocket-Lint]