Gamers Unite! Town raises $14k for student injured by drunk driver by playing video games

Video games and the people that play them tend to get a bad reputation because of activists like Jack Thompson. People like him point to video games as the reason any person would go on a killing spree, never stopping to think that there might be deeper issues. But no one ever goes out and calls out for media attention when gamers do something good. So that's what I'm doing today.

The gamers of Kaukauna, Wisconsin united and held a charity event where they sold tickets to play games like Guitar Hero, DDR and Super Smash Bros. to help out a classmate that was struck by a drunk driver. They raised a total of $14,000 for their injured friend. Kudos to the Kaukana Gamer's Club for organizing this event and for rallying the gaming community for a good cause.

These are the types of stories that we should be seeing on the evening news when we turn it on. We know this wonderful event happened because kids were playing video games. Unfortunately, we only tend to see stories where people talk about how violent video games are destructive to our youth. You know, people were killing each other long before video games were invented.

Gamers raise over $14,000 to help injured classmate [via joystiq]