Gamer Supreme 928i soon to be available through NewEgg

Hardcore gamers out there might be interested to know that the Gamer Supreme 928i from iBUYPOWER will soon be available through NewEgg exclusively for $1,299. The rig is positioned for gamers who need the performance, and have a bit of spending money. The specs are pretty nice, so make sure you check those out below.

I don't know about you, but most gamers I know usually build their rigs. However, the issues and hassle of doing so are a pretty good deterrent. The Gamer Supreme 928i offers gamers the latest Core i7 processors, and some powerful graphics cards. The 928i was able to achieve 60 frames-per-second at a resolution of 1280x1024 while playing the system intensive World in Conflict on the Very High setting, using the game's built-in benchmark mode. That's not too shabby.

The specifications are as follows:

CPU Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz

Motherboard Intel X58

Memory 6GB (2GB x3) Triple-Channel DDR3-1333

Total Memory Slots: 6

Available: 3

Max Capacity: 24GB



Optical Drive 22X DL DVD+/-RW

LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps

Case PSI SILVER ARMORX Gaming Case + Blue color lighting

Power Supply 800W

MSRP/Retail $1,299

All that and a one year warranty with parts and labor. You can buy one here.