Gamer raided by SWAT live on Twitch over prank call

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 12, 2014
Gamer raided by SWAT live on Twitch over prank call

While playing Counter-Strike live on Twitch, gamer Jordan Gilbert was raided by his local SWAT team over what turned out to be a prank call. His camera caught the raid on video, with it being posted on YouTube for all to see.

The relevant part of what went down is posted in the YouTube video below, with the small box on the right side of the capture showing the officers briefly searching what appears to be the gamer’s bedroom.

Following the raid and the video being posted online, Gilbert took to his Twitter account, where he said on Thursday, “Stupid Pranksters! At least I made the front page of Reddit… Just not in the fashion I’d have liked haha.”

The prank is known as “swatting,” and involves calling in a fake bomb threat or similar serious threats that result in a SWAT team being dispatched to the victim’s location. It’s a particularly devious prank, tying up emergency services and putting the victim at risk.

VIA: Kotaku

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