GameFly's newest addition - PC downloads

With everything moving more towards digital format – TV Shows, Movies and now games, brick and mortar will slowly become a term of the not-too-distant past. Services such as Steam and Origin have made it easy to purchase games and download them directly to your PC. Going digital is definitely the way of the future and GameFly is preparing.

In preparation of all things digital, GameFly made a smart move this year in purchasing the download site Direct2Drive. What once started as a mail rental service, GameFly has expanded greatly in services offered. GameFly's acquisition of Direct2Drive meant a joint library of titles as well as the ability to offer digital downloads. A joint library of titles means an expansion of GameFly's current offerings, or more games! The spawn of this merger of catalogs is called Unlimited PC Play.

Today is the day PC users have been waiting for – the public beta of GameFly's PC client has launched. GameFly members can download the new client and gain access to a selection of games free of charge. If you're a fan of publishers like THQ, UbiSoft and Capcom, Unlimited PC Play may just be what you're looking for to pass the time between dinner and opening presents this week. Although it still has some growing to do in terms of titles available, GameFly has gained a spot against big players like Steam and OnLive.

[via Kotaku]