GameFly takes on Netflix with movie rental service

At the request of users, GameFly, the video game rental service, is going toe-to-toe with Netflix, taking the wraps off its new movie rental service. GameFly subscribers were introduced to the service today, and can now nab Blu-ray and DVD movie disc rentals in the same way customers rented from Netflix in its earlier days.

Those who already have a GameFly account won't need to sign up for a different account to get movies, and can get up to two movie discs at a time. The feature is currently in beta, and is a natural extension of what GameFly has been doing with video game disc rentals for a long time, giving subscribers the convenience of renting both types of content from the save service.

Obviously, GameFly will only be competing with a subset of Netflix's business, one the latter company has toyed with shaking up, if the now-nixed Qwikster disc-rental split-off was any indication. Netflix's video streaming service has become its best offering, and by adding disc rentals to its already disc-based service, GameFly could prove a solid contender in the market.

GameFly's CEO Dave Hodess spoke to the folks at VentureBeat in an interview, saying, "We're viewing this as a test based [on] feedback we've received from subscribers who asked for it." A GameFly subscription for 2 games out at a time is $22.95 per month, and though movies won't start shipping until April 4, subscribers can add them to their queue now.

SOURCE: VentureBeat