Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer sheds 14-minutes of light on darkness

Chris Burns - Feb 10, 2014
Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer sheds 14-minutes of light on darkness

It’s a dark time in the Game of Thrones universe Winter is still coming – everything (save the Red Wedding) – is still about to happen. If you’re a follower of South Park, you know good and well that there’s still some more waiting that has to be done, but fear not – HBO has graced us with a 14-minute feature which sheds some light on the next season of the show.

We’ll not be making any major spoiler chatter here – you can spoil yourself by heading into the video yourself, if you like. Strange as it seems, some may not have read the books and are waiting for the show’s window into this environment let them see what’s about to happen. The books are already well ahead of the show, mind you, but even that didn’t stop Butters from heading to George R.R. Martin’s home to see what was about to happen.

The 14-minute feature here isn’t all about spoilers. In fact there aren’t just one whole heck of a lot of spoilers occurring – it’s mostly about the actors and creators of the film pumping up prospective viewers in light of the most recent season’s ending.

What else could they possibly do to overcome the weight of the Red Wedding? With dragons on the way, beasts from north of the wall headed inward, and every single family in this land thrown haywire at the moment, it would seem – and we’ve been waiting – that battles are about to be thrown down left and right.

One odd thing you might notice with this YouTube video – straight from the source – is that it’s only presented in 720p. This show is meant to be viewed in as high-definition as possible, but what we must imagine here is that those responsible for presenting this media mean the highest-definition greatness to remain under wraps, for now.

Sound about right to you?

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