Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 camera rumors might cause worries

The Galaxy Z Fold 3, for the most part, is Samsung's best stab at the foldable market, while the more affordable Galaxy Z Flip 3 is proving to be its most successful. There are, of course, some well-noted flaws, especially when it comes to the Galaxy Z Fold 3's cameras. Samsung was recently reported to have ambitious goals for next year's foldables, enough to produce almost 10 million units combined. Those ambitions, however, might be questionable if Samsung decides to push through with rumored plans to go all-in on its under-display cameras.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was Samsung's first phone to have a UDC or under-display camera, sometimes called an under-panel sensor or UPS, and it probably couldn't have made it worse. While the clearly visible grainy screen on top of the sensor is forgivable and at times really invisible, the quality of that front camera, unfortunately, isn't. So when a rumor comes around that both foldables next year might use UDCs, there's a reason for some Samsung fans to be wary.

Of course, these are just rumors and might not come to pass at all, especially if there's a lot of push back against it. There's also the possibility that Samsung finally came to its senses and will use a better implementation next year. If ZTE could pull it off, it's almost inconceivable that Samsung couldn't.

According to the leaked details on Naver, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 might actually use under-display cameras both inside and outside, spelling trouble for potential owners. The current Galaxy Z Fold 3 at least has a decent and proper front-facing camera on the external Cover Display, giving users an alternative when quality is really important. On the upside, the next Galaxy Z Fold might at least catch up with the trend when it comes to the main cameras, which hopefully means the same set as the upcoming Galaxy S22.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung might also use a UDC inside, but there's a big catch to that. According to the source, there are two prototypes of the foldable clamshell going around, and one of those retains the punch-hole cutout. Other than the cameras, Samsung might again focus on refining and perfecting what works, and next year's foldables might retain the same batteries as this year's models, which is actually another sore point for some people.