Galaxy Z Fold 3 under-display camera leaks send mixed signals

Almost all the details about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and most of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 have been leaked to death by this time. One detail, however, seems to still remain uncertain. Whether the Galax Z Fold 3 will be Samsung's first phone to have an under-display camera or not seems to still be uncertain, but most rumors point to a "yes.". That, unfortunately, isn't being received positively by some users, and the latest tips from the same source aren't helping clear things up.

On the one hand, the cat known as Ice universe douses hopes that UDCs have improved by this time. The tipster confirms that the technology is still sub-par by conventional front-facing camera standards. This "second-gen" UDC will be found in some phones later this year and might even be on the Galaxy S22 next year, much to some users' consternation.

On the other hand, Ice universe also says that the Galaxy Z Fold 3's UDC might actually be better than this, which isn't saying much considering the earlier revelation. While still not on the same level as a normal selfie camera, Samsung will apparently employ AI and algorithms to make the image quality look "not bad," at least.

Reactions to these details are equally ambivalent. Some actually don't mind a low-quality front-facing camera if it means having a full and unbroken screen. These people admit not taking selfies that much and point to the external Cover Screen for that purpose.

That said, that UDC isn't just for selfies as it will also be used for video chats and face recognition. The performance of the sensor has become even more critical for these use cases, and it remains to be seen if the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be up to the task. Presuming, of course, that it will actually have an under-display camera in the first place.