Galaxy Z Fold 2 unboxing, leaked hands-on build up the foldable hype

Samsung definitely had a packed Unpacked 2020 and each and every one of the products it announced are notable in their own right. Yes, including the accessories. Of course, many have been anticipating some word on Samsung's next foldable phone and it didn't disappoint even though the details are still thin at this point. Samsung promised more will be revealed on September 1 but, in the meantime, there seem to be plenty of teasers to go around.

Samsung itself showed off the Galaxy Z Fold 2, though sadly only as a teaser video. Still, it confirmed pretty much all the leaks we've seen before, which is a good thing. Of course, teaser videos can be heavily edited or staged so nothing really beats a real hands-on one.

Fortunately, Ben Geskin got hold of exactly that kind of video, showing off a real second-gen Samsung foldable in the wild. Given how nearly impossible it is to make operational dummies of foldable phones, this can only be the real deal. And, yes, there's still a very visible crease in the middle.

In case you still have doubts about the authenticity of that silent clip, BTS will gladly banish those for good. The official unboxing and first impressions teaser does show the phone in action, including the satisfying "click" when you close the phone as well as the large screens inside and outside. Being an official teaser, take what they say with a grain of salt, of course.

At least based on specs and these hands-on videos, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 definitely has a lot going for it (except its name) and seems close to truly delivering the promise of a foldable phone. Its success this time will still depend on the price, which will probably be even more expensive than its predecessor.