Galaxy Z Fold 2 teased by T-Mobile, crease and all

We already know much about how the Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks like, thanks to Samsung's own teaser, but that doesn't exactly give us an idea of how the phone will actually look like in real life. Samsung did put out an official teaser starring BTS but it was so brief and staged that it was hard to get a true feel for the phone. Thankfully, T-Mobile's Desmond "Des" Smith was kind enough to spend more than just a few minutes on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to give us mere mortals a closer look at Samsung's next-gen foldable.

It may not have been in Samsung's new favorite Mystic Bronze color but that only makes the admittedly gorgeous screens of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 stand out even more. The "cover display", Samsung's term for the second screen on the outside, is still freakishly tall but it at least now looks more like a regular phone and not like some awkward display panel. Bonus point: it looks almost similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 5G when opened.

The real star is, of course, the main 6.2-inch foldable screen inside and it's striking how much of a difference the reduction of bezels makes. It's still square, perhaps even more square than before, but it might feel more normal as a tablet now than with the first Galaxy Fold.

The crease is still there and is still visible as before, though Des says it's just a small one compared to last year's foldable. The one wart is perhaps the large punch-hole cutout in the middle of the left half of the phone. Perhaps Samsung should have moved it to a corner, though that space is already taken up by the thankfully not so large camera bump on the back.

Samsung hasn't yet fully revealed details about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and neither did T-Mobile's Des. Those details are promised to arrive on September 1. With Microsoft's recent Surface Duo announcement, the battle between foldable and dual-screen phones is about to heat up.