Galaxy Z Fold 2 sighting confirms some details

Given it barely has any secrets left to tell, Samsung gave not so subtle hints at what its August 5 Unpacked will reveal. One of those, of course, is its next foldable phone, which should have been the Galaxy Fold 2. It's still the Galaxy Fold 2, at least in spirit, but Samsung has apparently decided to adopt a new naming scheme. That new name, which is both different yet also the same, has been confirmed by what is allegedly the first-ever hands-on photo of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The Galaxy Note stands out as the only Samsung smartphone line with a letter attached to it. The company has supposedly cut down on the number of its device lines, down to S, A, and M series, but it has apparently decided to add one more. This year, it launched the Galaxy Z Flip foldable clamshell and it isn't the only one with a "Z" in its name anymore.

A post on Twitter shows off what is supposed to be a Galaxy Z Fold 2 still in the startup process. That bootup confirms the slight name change that suggests that Samsung is adopting the "Z" for its line of foldable phones. The "5G" also pins down that feature and maybe the only configuration available this time around.

Unfortunately, it's harder to see the punch-hole cutout in this photo but the lack of a notch in the corner is enough to confirm a huge change in that area. That means more room for the display but hopefully without downgrading the selfie and video call experience.

That the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is ready for Unpacked 2020 is no longer in doubt. What may be less certain, however, is whether Samsung will have enough of it to sell on time. Given the leaked three-month schedule, this foldable phone should be launching in September but rumors of delays could push it back to October instead.