Galaxy Z Fold 2 details build up the foldable hype

Samsung will start September with a big bang by announcing what everyone already knows by now. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has all but been completely revealed, by leaks as well as hands-on videos allowed by Samsung. There are still a few details, however, that are relatively unknown but almost all the i's have been dotted and t's have been crossed with this latest batch of information, just a day or so before Unpacked 2020 Part 2.

The focus of the foldable phone will, of course, be the foldable display, especially considering how Samsung's first try wasn't exactly without its problems. The Galaxy Z Fold 2's screen is touted to be sturdier, even though it will still have a visible crease under some lighting conditions. The hinge is also stronger, allowing the phone to be fixed at certain angles before it fully opens up for closes shut.

That screen also supports viewing 1440p videos in their full resolution and 120Hz refresh rates. The latter, however, is only available in adaptive mode with no user option to pick the resolution or refresh rate manually. Jimmy Is Promo also shares another hands-on tour that goes into detail regarding the various modes available when utilizing the screen's large area.

WinFuture also has some good news for European buyers, as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will reportedly use the Snapdragon 865+ all around. Curiously, the site also notes that there won't be an under-display fingerprint scanner and will, instead, use a traditional optical scanner off to the side.

All of those will be available at a hopefully reduced price tag compared to last year's model, at least according to earlier leaks as well. It won't be a huge drop but even a $100 price cut could make the Galaxy Z Fold 2 more attractive. Samsung will be confirming all those details on September 1, with a European launch believed to be set for September 18.