Galaxy Z Flip warranty could be voided by a screen protector

Foldable phones are fancy and feel futuristic but they are also fragile, at least as far as that hi-tech screen goes. Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei have taken great pains to ensure their flexible and foldable screens don't easily get dinged. Owners might be worried to the point that they will still want to apply a screen protector on their foldable phones. If you happen to own a Galaxy Z Flip, however, be warned that doing so could actually give you more problems.

Samsung has always discouraged using a screen protector on its foldable phones, both the original Galaxy Fold and the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip. Its official reason comes off as a boast, that the screen is tough enough to withstand scratches and accidents. Based on real-world use and feedback, however, that's not entirely true.

The ironic truth is that the screen is actually that sensitive that users risk damaging it by applying an adhesive. Either that or that a screen protector could risk taking off the protective layer on the flexible screen itself when users try to change it. As the first Galaxy Fold proved, that could be a fatal operation.

To make matters worse, some people might not be aware that applying a screen protector on the Galaxy Z Flip actually voids their warranty. This means that, should the Galaxy Z Flip meet some unrelated accident that requires repairs, a screen protector would mean they'll have to pay for that repair or replacement cost.

On the one hand, Samsung's representative says that this provision is included in the care instructions that are included in all Galaxy Z Flip packages. On the other hand, putting screen protectors have become almost second nature for some consumers, especially when dealing with special snowflakes like flexible displays. It's a fine print that Samsung will probably want to make more prominent to avoid yet another fiasco like the Galaxy Fold.