Galaxy Z Flip Lite now rumored to be Samsung's cheaper foldable bet

Few will probably argue that people will grab foldable phones with fewer hesitations if they were more durable and more affordable. The former is simply a matter of time but the latter might take longer to solve. Samsung has been rumored to be working on a more affordable version of its foldable phone, giving hope to some consumers. A new tip, however, might dash those hopes as that foldable phone might not take after the Galaxy Z Fold 2 but will, instead, be a cheaper clamshell like the Galaxy Z Flip.

On the one hand, it isn't that surprising considering how cheaper a clamshell design is compared to the foldable tablet that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 sports. The foldable screen is smaller, the battery is smaller, the cameras are fewer, etc. Samsung could even get away with putting a Snapdragon 765G chipset in one if it comes down to it.

The one thing that Samsung won't be able to skimp on, regardless of form factor and price, is the durability of the flexible display. Fortunately, DisplaySearch Ross Young, who broke the probably disappointing rumor, does at least mention that this cheaper foldable will still use UTG or Ultra-Thin Glass. This is the same material Samsung used on the most recent generation of its foldable phones, making them less vulnerable to scratches and particles.

Unfortunately, the tipster offers no other detail but it won't be hard to fill in the gaps. What's more interesting, however, is the note that Samsung is aiming for volume, hinting that this Galaxy Z Flip Lite will be considerably cheaper than the $1,500 Galaxy Z Flip 5G. It might be too much to ask, however, for it to be below $1,000.

The bigger question is whether this strategy will sell since this Galaxy Z Flip Lite will still be an expensive novelty at best. Some will undoubtedly argue that the value of a foldable phone is still best demonstrated with something like the Galaxy Z Fold 2's design. Unfortunately, we won't be holding our breath for a cheaper version of that any time soon.