Galaxy Z Flip 5G price drop indicative of more "accessible" future from Samsung

This week the folks at Samsung announced that they'd be kicking the price of their Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G down a bit. This device will soon have a starting price that's $250 lower than where it started. Samsung is doing this because they have a "commitment to making foldable devices more accessible to everyone." So says Samsung's President and Head of Mobile Communications, TM Roh.

It would appear that Samsung is preparing to make the foldable display "category" of devices more "accessible" in 2021 in a set of ways. One is chopping that price down for this one key device already on the market. Another is "expanding [Samsung's] portfolio of foldables," said Roh. It's likely we'll see more "affordable" devices with this tech over the next year.

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Roh also reconfirmed the spread of Galaxy Note features to other devices (non-Note-branded devices). "We've also been paying attention to people's favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience and are excited to add some of its most well-loved features to other devices in our lineup."

The wording of that last sentence there from Roh could mean a couple of things. It could just mean that more devices will have access to the S Pen. It could also mean that they'll be creating NEW devices with new names that've not yet been revealed, instead of just adding S Pen capabilities to already in-play smartphone families.

It would SEEM that Samsung is ready to allow foldable displays and the S Pen stylus to be delivered in devices that cost less than the first (or most recent) Z Flip, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Note smartphones. Cross your fingers that means we'll get full-powered features on lower-priced devices, rather than lower-priced devices with hobbled features. Take a peek at the timeline of recent foldable articles below and see where we're headed next!