Galaxy Xcover 5 Leak Spills Almost All The Beans

While most of the focus has been on Samsung's high-end and expensive flagships, the smartphone maker naturally caters to a wide range of customers and markets. That includes the market for rugged smartphones whose needs and budgets differ greatly from consumers. These also come with less than impressive specs, as far as regular smartphones go, but the Galaxy Xcover 5 will at least come with a price tag that would endear it to its target audience.

Rugged phones like these aren't exactly made to impress, at least not in terms of performance or features. They are, instead, meant for heavy-duty use, often in industrial settings or fieldwork, where accidents, at least for smartphones, are not uncommon. They're also purchased by companies often in bulk, which means they have to be within their businesses' budgets.

That would justify the fact that the Galaxy Xcover 5 would have an octa-core Exynos 850 from 2019 and a very flat 5.3-inch 1480x720 screen. That screen makes up for it with what is presumably a scratch-proof and shatter-proof coating and sensitivity that allows use even while wearing gloves. The phone is also surrounded by very thick bumpers on all sides, accentuating its already thick bezels, with a red button that stands out from the black case, presumably tied to an emergency action.

The Galaxy Xcover 5 won't be without its special perks beyond the ruggedness, though. It will be coming with Android 11 out of the box, something you might not expect for such a device. Its 3,000 mAh battery is also replaceable, just like the Galaxy Xcover Pro before it. Sadly, a single 16MP camera makes it barely usable other than for taking photos needed for work.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 is expected to cost around 289 to 299 EUR ($350 to $360) in Germany, with a launch scheduled sometime this month. Another leak hinted that the phone will be gifted with monthly security updates rather than the quarterly cadence often given to lower-end models.