Galaxy Watch Active 2 leaked official renders confirm design changes

In just a month, Samsung will be making the Galaxy Note 10 official and it might not be alone. Just like its other launches, Samsung is expected to have a wearable to go along with the phablet. Instead of the Galaxy Watch 2, however, it might announce the Galaxy Watch Active 2 instead. But despite that name, the smartwatch looks like it will be Samsung's classiest, at least based on new leaked renders.

You'd think that "Active" would be used to describe a sporty design of a smartwatch but the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is quite the opposite. It may have rugged qualities like dust and water resistance but it won't look the part.

In fact, based on the leaked render from Android Headlines, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have what looks like leather straps, an upgrade from previous generations' silicon material. Of course, looks can be deceiving so we'll need to see and feel the band first-hand to confirm.

The render does confirm the absence of the signature feature of Samsung's smartwatches. The rotating bezel may really be on its way out unless it decided to retain the control on non-Active models.

One curious new detail is the power button that has a red accent around it. Whether that is actually an LED indicator or a simple design, the render doesn't suggest. If the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be announced with the Galaxy Note 10, expect those answers in a month's time.