Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is starting to sound too good to be true

We can never take leaks and rumors at face value, even if they come from reliable sources. After all, the Apple Watch Series 7's expected flatter design turned out to be a complete dud, despite famous tipsters supporting the theory. With that in mind, the leaks about the Galaxy S22 series aren't too reassuring. It seems almost ironic, then, that the Galaxy Tab S8 is starting to look more interesting, especially the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that is shaping up to be somewhat of a laptop replacement, at least as far as the rumors go.

There will never be an end to the debate about whether large "pro" tablets can really replace laptops, but there's not stopping manufacturers from making them anyway. Although Android has always been criticized for its lack of notable apps for creative work, Samsung continues to push its tablets forward, with additional features like S Pen support, floating windows, and especially Samsung DeX to make up for it.

Pro tablets, however, might be getting bigger, with Apple rumored to be planning on its largest iPad Pro yet. As if trying to beat it to the punch, Samsung is now believed to have a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra in the works, ready for an early 2022 debut. More than just the large 14.6-inch screen size, however, the leaked specs for the ultra-large tablet sound very impressive.

That large screen, for example, is now believed to sport 2960x1848 pixels, definitely going beyond 2K resolution. Additionally, previous leaks have given it a 120Hz refresh rate, ideal not just for gaming or content consumption but also for working on digital images and videos as well. All of these will be enabled by a large 11,500 mAh battery, one of the largest to be put inside a mobile device.

Previous leaks have also given the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, dual 5MP and 8MP front cameras that match dual cameras on the back. It will definitely be ironic and a bit tragic if the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ends up overshadowing even the Galaxy S22 Ultra next year, with Samsung's flagship smartphones sounding more like an incremental upgrade in every new rumor.