Galaxy Tab S8 Lite Is Completely Unexpected And Probably Premature

There is a sense of hesitancy and perhaps even doubt about Samsung's early 2022 strategy for its mobile devices. Of course, these are all based on speculation and rumors, but those might be enough to cause even some fans to wonder what will be on the table in a few months. At the very least, the Galaxy S22 Ultra could be Samsung's best bet, but the Galaxy Tab S8 line, which now has a fourth rumored model, could also be a mixed bag.

It seems that Samsung will be going all out on the Ultra models for its 2022 mobile products. The Galaxy S22 Ultra could very well be the Galaxy Note replacement that some have been expecting or dreading. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, on the other hand, could also be the laptop replacement that some tablets were envisioned to be.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series will, in fact, mirror much of the story of the Galaxy S22. at least based on those leaks. The base Galaxy Tab S8 model (SM-X70) and the Galaxy Tab S8+ (SM-X80) are expected to share nearly the same traits as their Galaxy Tab S7 predecessors last year. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (SM-X90) is expected to be Samsung's largest tablet (ignoring the odd Galaxy View) at 14.6 inches.

LetsGoDigital now relays information about a fourth model in this lineup, the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite or, alternatively, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. This will have a model number of SM-X500 for the Wi-Fi version, SM-X506B for 5G, and SM-X508U for the US 5G variant. Unfortunately, there are no other details available, like specs or even the screen size, other than such a tablet model supposedly exists.

The entire Galaxy Tab S8 line is, of course, still unannounced and practically late, considering there is no premium Samsung tablet yet this year. It's a bit amusing that signs of a Galaxy Tab S8 Lite or FE have popped up now even before the others have launched, though it is entirely possible that this cheaper tablet could arrive at some other later date in 2022 anyway.