Galaxy Tab S7+ renders show Samsung's 12-inch iPad Pro

While Apple was content to sell its iPads as larger iPhones for the longest time, Samsung was in a position to drive the tablet market space at a very early stage. It may have been too far ahead of its time, though, and Samsung scaled back most of its efforts, only for the iPad Pro to revolutionize that tablet space. Now it almost feels like Samsung is the one playing catch up instead, including with a screen size it was one of the first to try to market.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is now praised for its power, capabilities, and potential but Samsung was almost laughed out of the room when it first revealed its Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro in 2014, both 12.2-inch slates. While Android itself may hardly be considered mature back then, Samsung's TouchWiz experience and S Pen stylus added a lot of functionality that iPad Pro users revel in today.

Unfortunately for Samsung, history will see Apple as the victor and its upcoming Galaxy Tab S7+ as the copycat. Especially considering how much it does resemble the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in overall design, at least on the front and the edges. Its size even makes it more square-ish, just like the iPad Pro and unlike most of Samsung's tablets.

There are, of course, differences, as Pigtou enumerates. The screen is expected to be smaller, for example, at only 12.4 inches. It is also thinner than the non-plus Galaxy Tab S7, which hints that the large battery is simply spread out in a thinner pack. The most striking difference with the iPad Pro, however, is the cameras, only two for Samsung, who doesn't seem to be sold on mobile AR just yet.

Aside from the additional model, the Galaxy Tab S7 this year will look not so different from the Galaxy Tab S6. Of course, the competition with the iPad Pro will be on the software level and Samsung has a bit of an advantage there, especially with its DeX desktop experience. Unfortunately, Android apps are still lacking in that regard.