Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S20 reportedly already in the works

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced uncertainty regarding product launch schedules but that doesn't mean manufacturers are going to stop to a grinding halt. Things are still going as planned, even if delayed or in smaller steps, and it seems that Samsung is already starting the engines for its next high-end tablet, which may be called either the Galaxy Tab S7 or the Galaxy Tab S20. That despite the rumored Galaxy Tab S6 Lite still nowhere to be seen.

The timing for this Samsung tablet rumor couldn't have come at a better time. Apple just launched its new 2020 iPad Pros, which sets the stage for Samsung's usual rebuttal. Depending on when it launches its own Galaxy Tab S tablets, Samsung could try to aim for both high-end and mid-range markets at the same time. was able to receive information on a certain SM-T970 and SM-T975 models for new Samsung tablets. The SM-TXXX names have always been used for Samsung's high-end Galaxy Tab S but the previous models all had SM-T8XX in their names. The jump in number could signify a jump in naming as Samsung did with the Galaxy S20 this year.

Details about this tablet are practically non-existent at this point but one can expect high-end components to power it. Fans old and new of Samsung's Android slates are already chiming in with their wishes, ranging from the return of the headphone jack to staying away from a punch-hole cutout.

It's not certain when Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Tab S7/S20 though it did release the Galaxy Tab S6 last year months before the Galaxy Note 10. It still has to launch the rumored Galaxy S6 Lite, which may offer a mid-range option to consumers later this month.