Galaxy Tab S7 leak points to a disappointing spec

JC Torres - Jul 23, 2020, 9:08 pm CDT
Galaxy Tab S7 leak points to a disappointing spec

In about two weeks, we’ll finally get to see Samsung’s grand collection of high-end mobile devices for the second half of the year. “High-end” is, of course, relative and not all of those might seem worthy of the label. We’ve already heard some disheartening news about the non-Ultra Galaxy Note 20 and it seems that Samsung is adopting that same strategy with its next premium tablet. If this latest leak is on the mark, it will announce a Galaxy Tab S7+ and what may be a Galaxy Tab S7 Lite.

The Galaxy Tab S7 will still be premium compared to other Android tablets in the market but the 11-inch slate will apparently be cutting a few corners. Although Pricebaba itself isn’t 100% sure, the latest tidbit suggests that this large screen will be an LCD panel instead of Samsung’s usual Super AMOLED. It won’t have an in-display fingerprint scanner either but it will at least have 120 Hz refresh rate.

Admittedly, it’s a rather small detail and isn’t a knock against LCD panels. But considering Samsung’s reputation with AMOLED screens and the distinction its Galaxy Tab S line has had with its screens, it’s still a disappointing turn of events. Of course, the premium 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7+ might stick to the AMOLED screen.

Other leaked specs include at least a gigantic 8,000 mAh battery and a Snapdragon 865 processor, not the 865+ leaked before. Again, that might be something reserved for the larger and more premium model. At least other expected premium features like a new S Pen may still be on the list.

Given what we’ve heard about the Galaxy Note 20, it’s not really surprising that the non-Plus Galaxy Tab S7 would get the same “Lite” treatment. That doesn’t make it less disappointing, especially after how a name sets consumer expectations. Then again, Apple used the same strategy when it got rid of the “Xr” and “Xs” distinctions, practically raising a “lite” version as the new base configuration.

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