Galaxy Tab S7 gets exclusive Clip Studio Paint for Android

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Android has long had devices with active styluses, mostly from Samsung but also from Huawei and, just recently, even LG. Unfortunately, a vicious cycle has pretty much left it lacking in terms of creativity apps, especially when compared with the latecomer iPad Pros. It seems that Samsung at least is giving it a stronger push with the latest Galaxy Tab S7 and the gigantic Galaxy Tab S7+, providing the slates with one of the most sought-after drawing apps in the market that isn't Adobe Photoshop.

Clip Studio Paint has long been in the market on PCs and Macs but you probably haven't heard much about it until recently. That has mostly been because Adobe Photoshop is the name that's thrown around in the graphics market for decades and Clip Studio Paint, which doesn't have as large a company behind it, serves a specific audience with specific needs. When it comes to creating graphics like comics and illustrations, many swear by it instead.

Clip Studio Paint or CSP made waves in the mobile market nearly three years ago when it debuted on the iPad Pro, years before Adobe would make good on its promise to bring "full" Photoshop to Apple's pro tablet. The fact that CSP on iOS, later rebranded to iPadOS, is almost exactly the same CSP you'd find on desktops definitely raised the iPad Pro's already high profile among digital creatives even higher.

Now Samsung has done what many of its fans have been clamoring for and bringing a desktop-grade pro drawing software to Android. Of course, it's being made exclusive only to these two tablets, though there's a possibility Samsung will expand it to its other Galaxy tablets as well. Of course, some would still wish for Photoshop or even something that could rival the likes of iPadOS' Procreate (if they still don't consider the likes of ArtFlow or Autodesk Sketchbook to be sufficient) but it could still get Android users talking.

That said, Clip Studio Paint actually comes as a subscription service, though Galaxy Tab S7 buyers will get a six-month free trial for the Clip Studio Paint EX tier. There's also the open source Krita app, which is already remarkable despite its still-beta status. That one is available for free and is available on any Android device (including phones if you know where to look) and will probably do wonders on a huge 12.4-inch screen like the Galaxy Tab S7+.