Galaxy Tab S7 FE leak adds to the confusion over upcoming tablets

Samsung is expected to announce a few new devices in the coming months and while most of the interest is focused on expensive foldable phones, there is also some attention being paid to more affordable devices. That's mostly about some new tablets that Samsung is expected to announce real soon. What Samsung will announce, however, is still a matter of speculation considering there are so many names being given to what is expected to be the "lite" version of the Galaxy Tab S7.

Rumors about Samsung's next affordable tablets started back in February. That included what was called the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite as well as a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. The Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, despite its name, sounded more like that Galaxy Tab S7+ because of its rumored 12.4-inch screen.

Fast forward a few days, rumors of a Galaxy Tab S7 Lite 5G also surfaced which was then followed by a Galaxy S7+ Lite. The latter didn't make much sense considering the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite was already like the Galaxy Tab S7+ but SamMobile tried to clear the matter by giving it a different name. It will, instead, be called the Galaxy Tab S7 XL Lite.

Now GalaxyClub stirs things up a bit further by saying that the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite won't be called that at all either. It will, instead, be the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, short for Fan Edition. This sort of makes sense considering the naming convention that Samsung has adopted for its smartphones, except that it still had "Lite" models for tablets with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite last year.

Whatever its name may be, the same rumor puts a 10,090 mAh battery inside the mid-range device, making it sound even more like the high-end Galaxy Tab S7+, also from last year. Expected specs, however, remain the same, including a mid-range Snapdragon 750G with only 4GB of RAM. For those eagerly awaiting Samsung's next affordable tablets, the rumored June event just can't come soon enough to finally settle all the confusion.