Galaxy Tab S7 clues point to new world's best tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is rumored for launch at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the very near future. That device – or that device collection, rather – has an opportunity to provide Samsung with a market-leading product whose only real competitors would be the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Tablet. If you're looking to attain the most futuristic Android tablet in the world by the end of the year, Samsung will very likely have the device you're gong to want to buy.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 was tipped this week to come in two sizes. One is the real deal, the hero, the version that comes with all the best technology in the business. The other, the lesser, has a look and a feel very similar to the greater tablet, but rolls with only the features needed to fairly assert that it, too, is a Galaxy Tab S7.

The rumor from SamMobile this week adds to the collection of specifications and confirmations of suspicions we had about the Galaxy tablet range. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus might as well be a "Pro" device with the specs we've seen so far, while the standard Tab S7 includes the essential elements only.

The Galaxy Tab S7 will have an 11-inch display, while the larger device will have a 12.4-inch display. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ was tipped this morning to have a display resolution of 2800 x 1752 pixels. With a 12.4-inch display, 2800 x 1752 pixels makes around 267PPI (pixels per inch) which isn't particularly fantastic.

However, if the device is given this resolution on this size a panel, we can safely assume the Galaxy Tab S7+ (at least, if not the standard Galaxy Tab S7 too) will have a 120Hz image refresh rate. That'd make it on-par or better than the most extravagant iPad Pro – from a certain point of view.

If Samsung can work with Adobe to ramp up their efforts for Illustrator and Photoshop apps for this range of tablets the same way Apple got some big-bang features for iPad Pro, Samsung's got a winner on their hands. Now, if only they could get that larger stylus to slot in to the body of the tablet...

The Galaxy Tab S7 series will almost certainly be revealed at Samsung's big August 5, 2020 event. That's Samsung Unpacked, or Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, or whatever you'd like to call it, and it'll certainly be bursting with content. We're expecting several phones, tablets, and a wearable or two, too!