Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ leak leaves nothing to the imagination

This year's batch of Galaxy devices might be some of Samsung's worst kept secrets but the manufacturer doesn't seem to mind. Not only does it actually help drive up buzz and hype, the leaks also frame consumers' expectations. When it comes to the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+, there will definitely be mixed expectations on what could be Samsung's most ambitious grab at the tablet market, and it won't exactly be because of some revolutionary new feature or technologies.

This year's premium Galaxy tablets may be remembered as Samsung's iPad Pros. Eschewing the 10 or so inches it has embraced since the first Galaxy Tab S, Samsung will be launching an 11-inch Galaxy Tab S7 and a 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7+, exactly mirror Apple's iPad Pro lineup.

The two have a few things in common but they are indeed few. They have the same Snapdragon 865+ processor, for one, and boast of 120 Hz display refresh rates. The latter is essential for reducing the S Pen's latency, down to 9ms perhaps, exactly the same as the Apple Pencil.

In the same vein, the two differ in more than just the size. The 11-inch 2560x1600 screen, for example, will use a disappointing LTPS LCD screen compared to the 12.4-inch SuperAMLOED display with a 2800x1752 resolution. Naturally, the larger tablet has a larger battery, rated at 10,090 mAh, while the base model only gets a 7,040 mAh battery.

There are still some small pieces missing, of course, like the amount of RAM the two models would get. It will also be interesting to see if Samsung has made new interface changes beyond simply slapping on DeX mode. Suffice it to say, expect it to talk about these new tablets as the next wave of personal computing, exactly as how Apple has been pushing the iPad Pros for the past years.