Galaxy S8 wakeup bug turns on screen and drains battery

Some Galaxy S8 owners are reporting an annoying bug that causes the screen to wake back up after being turned off. This causes the phone's battery to drain more quickly than it otherwise would, not to mention the issues that can be caused by touching a screen you don't realize is turned on, resulting in random apps being opened or wrong pattern codes locking the phone down.

According to users hit by the bug, the Galaxy S8 or its larger sibling, the Galaxy S8+, experiences an issue where the screen turns back on after it has turned off. This happens whether the screen turns off due to timing out or due to someone pressing the power button.

Once it turns back on, the screen will eventually time out and turn off again. However, the bug causes it to wake back up again, resulting in a battery-draining loop. The video above shows this issue in action; it appears to happen whether the phone is plugged in or running on battery.

The issue doesn't appear to result from any single specific update, since some user reports started appearing online months ago. However, some users say the problem only appeared for them recently following an update, some as recently as a week ago, others a couple months ago. It's hard to pinpoint when the issue first started showing up.

A small number of Galaxy Note 8 users are reporting this as well, though it appears to primarily trouble the Galaxy S8 handsets. Some of these device owners say they have tried various things to stop the problem, including restarting the phone and factory resetting it. There doesn't seem to be any suitable workarounds for the problem at this time.

SOURCE: Sam Mobile