Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 drop test proves which is more robust

Dropping your phone is one of those things that we all try to avoid, but drops happen when you least expect them. We want to know that if we accidentally drop our phones that they will survive and continue to work. A drop test video has turned up on YouTube that pits the Galaxy S7 against the newer HTC 10 to see which of the two devices is able to survive drops.

The test is conducted using a professional drop testing machine. Each of the devices is dropped on their side, the front, bottom, and on their back with the first test being the back drop. Both phones are being dropped onto what appears to be a thick concrete paver. The Galaxy S7 didn't fare well in this first test, the glass back of the smartphone shattered.

The back of the HTC 10 was scratched up a bit, but didn't crack. The next drop was onto the bottom of the smartphones. Both phones survived that bottom drop test with noting more than some scratches, the HTC 10 looks worse out of the pair in this test. The side drop is up next and again the screen side of both phones survived with lots of scratches added to both phones on their sides.

The next test is up the front drop, neither screen glass survived that drop. Both shattered, but at least the HTC 10 LCD was still on and working. The drop caused the S7 screen to stop functioning altogether. The screen of the HTC 10 was still working so it went into a sort of bonus round to see how many times it could be dropped before it stopped working. It survived a whopping 32 drops before the LCD under the shattered glass finally stopped working.