Galaxy S7 tipped for gargantuan video playback time

Shane McGlaun - Jan 29, 2016, 8:00am CST
Galaxy S7 tipped for gargantuan video playback time

We have heard tons of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. Earlier this week the two available chips that will land in the S7 were compared together in single and multicore performance. Today another leak has surfaced and this one claims that the Galaxy S7 will have serious video playback capability on a single charge.

According to the leak, the S7 will be able to play video at full brightness for 17 hours per charge. Rumors have already claimed that the battery size would jump significantly with the Galaxy S7 to 3000 mAh. The source of this new rumor is Eldar Murtazin, a guy who apparently has been accurate with leaked information in the past.

The long video playback claim might not necessarily be totally attributed to a larger battery. A more efficient screen and processor and optimized software can also contribute to better playback duration per charge.

This is still firmly in rumor land at this point, so keep the salt handy. Other rumors have claimed the S7 will have a 12MP camera with larger aperture and better sensor along with dual pixel auto focus. The screen is tipped at 5.1-inches for the standard version and 5.5-inches for the Edge version. The Galaxy S7 is still expected to get official at MWC next month.

SOURCE: PhoneArena

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