Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6S Plus Coke freeze test is a sticky mess

We already know that both Samsung and Apple integrated waterproof or at least water resistant designs into both of these smartphones. We have seen them not die when doused with water before. This time out the person in the video decides to test both of these phones now with freezing water, but with frozen Coca-cola.

The phones don't know if it's water or Coke that they are being doused with and the water resistant nature of both devices should hold up. The thing that made me most nervous about this video was how the man poured very hot water on them to remove them from the frozen coke.

In the end, the Galaxy S7 Edge survived both the frozen coke and the very hot water. I'd wager it's a bit sticky after the fact though. The battery of the Galaxy device even lasted the whole ten hours it was encased in frozen soda. It takes a bit of work to get the iPhone out of the coke ice in the video. Once removed from the frozen brick, the iPhone 6S Plus wouldn't turn on.

The question was if it was dead from the battery running out of power or from Coke getting into the device. The iPhone was still wet when he plugged it in making me worry about shorts, but the iPhone did take power and survived the freezing in Coke test. The phone did act a bit oddly and has a bit of a screen issue. Be warned the video does have a bit of NSFW language in it, the video maker drops the f-bomb once during the recording. Check out our review of the Galaxy S Edge and review of the iPhone 6S Plus for more details on both of these devices.