Galaxy S7 Android Nougat beta ends, final launch next month

Samsung has just shutdown its beta program for Android 7.0 Nougat on the Galaxy S7 but don't let that alarm you. Presuming you're using a Galaxy S7, of course. While the company might be ending the year with an only slightly sad note, it will star the new one with a bang (no note puns intended). According to the brave souls testing that beta, they have been notified that the official rollout of Nougat will take place in January. As soon as possible in January, that is.

Considering how Samsung is notoriously slow at rolling out updates, especially major ones, it's a miracle that the Galaxy S7 will even get Nougat. Then again, it is current, and so far only, flagship, so that is to be expected. The question of when exactly has always loomed over owners, though recent reports pointed to an "early 2017" release. Now we at least know that "early" here meant January.

That still leaves a lot of questions though. Based on the same recent report, Samsung's Android Nougat release will apparently jump right into 7.1.1, skipping Android 7.0 entirely. Great news if that's really the case, as there will be no assurance users will even get 7.1.1 if Samsung only released 7.0.

The biggest question on Galaxy S7 owners' minds, particular those who didn't participate in the beta, is whether the update will bring more problems than it's worth. Nougat, by itself, is definitely a great thing, though some, like split screen windows, are things Samsung users have already enjoyed for years. Some have commented that. at least on the performance side, Samsung's Nougat ranges on the "meh" scale of things.

Regardless, Android 7.0/7.1.1 is coming in January for Galaxy S7, and probably S7 edge owners. Other, especially older, models, however, will probably have to continue crossing their fingers or looking towards other ROMs for hope.

VIA: Reddit