Galaxy S6 Edge with curved display tipped alongside Galaxy S6 flagship

Not sure whether to buy the Galaxy S5 or the new iPhone 6? Rumor has it that Samsung is coming out with its next Galaxy flagship. According to SamMobile, the new Galaxy S phone will be called the Galaxy S6. Is it stirring up excitement for Android users as the iPhone 6 did? As of right now it doesn't seem so because Samsung is in the early stages of development for the new Galaxy S6.

Based on the recent rumored specifications, the Galaxy S6 will be boosting with 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 or Exynos 7420 processor and running on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. There hasn't been any info about the Galaxy S6 screen size, though its resolution could be updated with a Quad HD 2560 x 1440 display. The Galaxy S6 also will be the first Samsung smartphone that comes with a 128GB internal storage, together with a separate microSD/SDHC card slot for even more storage space. Lastly, it is rumored to have an appealing 16 or 20-megapixel camera to capture the great moments surrounding you and a high powered selfie camera coming in at 5-megapixel for the Instagram/Facebook posts #selfie.

It has also been rumored that Samsung will be developing a variant Galaxy S6 with a curved display – called the Galaxy S6 Edge. This will be different for Samsung as it is trying to fit into the new scene of "curved smartphones". Although this is a new approach for Samsung, word on the street is that the Galaxy S6 Edge will be limited availability to select markets.

I would consider myself a Samsung Android fan. I have owned the Galaxy S3, first Galaxy Note and Galaxy S5. When they were released at the time, these smartphones were considered top tier phones and popular. Samsung has always focused on style and performance when it comes to smartphones so I don't expect anything different with the new Galaxy S6. What do you think? Will the Galaxy S6 be a game changer for the S line family? We will see.