Galaxy S6 edge brutally slammed on the ground thrice, survives

This video is both a testament to Samsung's new build quality as well as to human cruelty. We'd love to be able to say no smartphone was harmed in the making of this video, but we'd be lying to your face. A woman, presumably a Korean considering the origin of this YouTube clip, has subjected the new Galaxy S6 edge not to a drop test but to a slam test. Yes, the more expensive Galaxy S6 edge gets slammed on the ground. Hard. To its credit, it survives unscathed.

The Internet has grown fond of, even obsessed with, putting the latest smartphones through rigorous tests bordering on torture. Some do it in order inform the public on the quality build, or lack thereof, of a product. Others, well, they do it for fun and because they have tons of money or devices to spare.

This latest video somewhat falls on the former, because we're pretty sure that the user in this case wants to prove just how tough the Galaxy S6 edge really is, despite looking like an expensive, premium, and fragile smartphone. Such testers usually resort to drop tests, sometimes with a bit more science and precision involved. Not here. It's just a slam fest that might make you cringe. This is not for the faint of heart.

Of course, there are more scientific ways to test a phone's durability, but those usually come from big labs that some might suspect are under an OEM's payroll or influence. Home-made videos like these, if truly home-made, can better reflect real-world use cases. Then again, in the real world, you usually drop your phone, not slam it. Unless done in a fit of range, in which case it might be more prudent to grab something less expensive to smash.