Galaxy S5 arriving with premium subscription “gifts”

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 3, 2014
Galaxy S5 arriving with premium subscription “gifts”

Samsung is ratcheting up its mobile device freebies with its next flagship, promising buyers of the upcoming Galaxy S5 a few hundred dollars’ worth in premium app subscriptions. Calling them “Samsung Galaxy Gifts,” the subscriptions range from fitness apps to news services, with the length of subscription mostly hovering between 6 and 12 months.

Some of the offerings come with in-app and in-game credits, such as a $5 coupon for Blurb and $10 in-game credits for Cut the Rope 2. Flick Dat ($2) and EasilyDo Pro ($5) are also tossed into the mix, comprising the smaller and less interesting incentives that come with flagship handset.

The rest of the offerings are more intriguing, with Evernote Premium being included for three-months ($15), as well as Bitcasa cloud storage for the same duration ($30). LinkedIn Premium is also included for 3 months ($75), while the rest are all six-month and yearly subscriptions.

Box is included as a 6-month subscription ($60), as well as a subscription to the Wall Street Journal ($42), Skimble workout trainer ($42), and Map My Fitness for walkers/runners/joggers ($36). The yearly subscriptions are comprised of Bloomberg Businessweek+ ($30), Run Keeper ($20), and Lark ($36).

Apps may not be the deciding factor for most buyers, but for someone perched on the fence between nabbing a Galaxy S5 or competing smartphone, knowing the former comes packed with app subscriptions that complement the smartphone and common mobile activities is certainly an encouraging nudge.

VIA: Android Community
SOURCE: Samsung

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