Galaxy S22's small battery might match its small size

Although Apple adopted a four-phone strategy last year with the iPhone 12 series, Samsung didn't exactly follow suit. The Galaxy S21 offered only three models, eschewing what would have been the equivalent of an iPhone 12 mini. Despite being notorious for copying Apple, it would seem that Samsung will stick to its guns with the Galaxy S22 next year. One difference, however, is that it might actually offer a "mini" base model, which would probably explain its disappointing rumored battery size.

Smartphones have definitely gotten bigger these days to the point that what were once derisively called "phablets" are now the norm. Very few make small phones with screen sizes smaller than 5.0 inches, but the iPhone 12 mini comes close by today's standards. It seems that Samsung will at least be going down that route without actually putting out a Galaxy S22 mini.

The base Galaxy S22 model was earlier tipped to have a smaller battery than its predecessor. Specifically, it would have a 3,700 mAh battery compared to the Galaxy S21's 4,000 mAh. This downgrade matches what the Galaxy S22+ is also expected to get, down from 5,000 mAh to 4,800 mAh.

According to @Ice universe, however, the reason is that the Galaxy S22 itself would also be smaller. Comparing it to the non-mini iPhone 13, the tipster said it would be slightly smaller with a 6.06-inch screen. Both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 have 6.1-inch displays, while the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini have 5.4 inches.

If true, this could be Samsung's smallest flagship in recent memory and finally offer consumers that prefer smaller handsets an option. It could, in a way, also explain the rest of the Galaxy S22 series if Samsung is sort of "moving down" the baseline. Regardless, there might still be some disappointment over the rumored specs for Samsung's early 2022 flagships, but hopefully, the details could change for the better in the coming months.