Galaxy S22 Ultra renders present a different possibility

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ may end up being complete duds next year, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra could end up saving Samsung's coffers. That is if buyers aren't too particular about how the phone's camera bump could look like. Given how divisive the Contour Cut Camera design was on the Galaxy S22 series, a change might indeed be in order. But if you're not a fan of what others are calling the Galaxy S22 Ultra's P-shaped camera bump, there might be a bit of hope left, according to these latest renders.

Whether the initial expected design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra's camera bump is better than the Galaxy S21 Ultra's will be a matter of personal aesthetic taste, of course. It is, however, definitely unusual for a design coming from one of the world's biggest phone makers. Then again, Samsung has played around with the camera design for the past two or three years, so it might not exactly be so far-fetched that it would try out drastically new and unconventional styles.

According to LetsGoDigital, however, there is a possibility that the presumed P-shaped camera bump won't actually be P-shaped at all. That design, it explains, was actually based on leaked dimensions for dummy phones or information for case makers. Those won't have to actually hug the camera bump tightly, and a P-shaped hole might be the most efficient design around the Galaxy S22 Ultra's cameras.

That said, next year's ultra flagship might actually have its camera arrays split into two "islands," both running down vertically. It resembles the design of the Galaxy Note 10's camera more closely, except with another smaller bump to its side. It's a design that is a little bit less unsettling but still unusual enough to make people try to give it a second look.

The renders also show an overall design that is closer to the Galaxy Note series than the Galaxy S family, with a more rectangular frame and flatter edges. In a way, Samsung could be aiming for some visual affinity with the Galaxy Note, especially with a dedicated S Pen silo. Of course, none of these is official, and we might have to wait a bit longer if the Galaxy S22 series is indeed scheduled for a late February launch next year.