Galaxy S22 charging speed could be another source of disappointment

JC Torres - Oct 11, 2021, 7:57pm CDT
Galaxy S22 charging speed could be another source of disappointment

It almost feels like Samsung is grooming the Galaxy S22 series to fail, or at least that’s the picture being painted by rumors and leaks. While they’re all unofficial, of course, these details are setting expectations low, which could mean a disaster for Samsung’s 2022 flagship. Except for one or two details about the Galaxy S22 Ultra, there doesn’t seem to be much going in the Galaxy S22’s favor, and this latest revelation about the phones’ charging speeds only adds more nails to the phones’ coffins.

The Galaxy S22 series are already expected to disappoint fans as far as their battery capacities go. Instead of getting an upgrade, they will actually be downgraded to smaller batteries. That could be explained by the smaller bodies of the base Galaxy S22 model and the Galaxy S22+, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen silo could be the reason for its shrinkage.

Now it seems that the other shoe has dropped, courtesy of a Chinese certification body. Rather than the modest charging speed upgrade earlier rumored, the certification notes that all three have been tested and verified for 25W “fast” charging only. This is the same charging speed that the Galaxy S21 series had and quite far from the rumored 45W, much less the ideal 65W rate these days.

As SamMobile points out, the final story could still be a bit different from this. The Galaxy S22 could have just been listed with a 25W charger but is capable of much more. Then again, Samsung no longer ships a charger inside the box, so that theory might not even hold water.

That possibility further cements the image of the Galaxy S22 series as a very incremental upgrade over this year’s Samsung flagships. With its launch reportedly being delayed to make way for the Galaxy S21 FE, it almost feels like Samsung is leaving consumers with fewer reasons to actually want these phones. Except perhaps for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which could fill a gaping hole left in Galaxy Note fans’ hearts.

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