Galaxy S22 45W fast charging might still be on the table

If you disregard the almost complete overhaul that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to bear, the Galaxy S22 might sound terribly disappointing based on the majority of rumors that have come our way. One of the biggest disappointments is related to the two non-Ultra models' battery capacities and charging speeds, feeling like a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Of course, these are based on unofficial and potentially inaccurate information, as proven by the recent Apple Watch Series 7, and one other such information tries to assure buyers that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will at least have a faster charging speed than its peers.

It seems that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the best of what Samsung has to offer, leaving the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ (or Pro) to cater to those with more modest needs and means. In some cases, the two seem to take a step back by shrinking the battery capacity and keeping the "quick" charging maximum at 25W only. The latter was what a recent government certification confirmed, but that might be just the minimum tested by that agency.

@Ice universe insists, however, that it will not be the case, at least for the higher-end Galaxy S22 Ultra. It will have a sizeable 5,000 mAh battery and will be able to charge at a maximum of 45W. That, according to the tipster, can fill up 70% of the phone's power needs in 35 minutes.

While that does put the Galaxy Note wannabe in a slightly positive light, it doesn't actually represent any significant evolution on Samsung's part. This very same 5,000 mAh battery and 45W charging combo were last seen on the Galaxy S20 Ultra from 2020. In other words, Samsung hasn't made any real step forward, going beyond what it has been offering for almost two years now.

Given Samsung's past with batteries, it's almost understandable that it is more cautious about that particular component on its phones. It has, however, been half a decade since the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, and the company still seems unwilling to move forward. Fortunately for Samsung, it isn't alone, since neither Apple nor Google seem to be eager to jump on the super-fast charging bandwagon anyway.