Galaxy S21 leak shows two sizes - where are the rest?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S21+ were shown in a leak of components overnight. Details of the features included with the Samsung Galaxy S21 family appeared here, courtesy of the way in which these images appear – as guides for accessory makers and/or display covers. In these images, we see that the Samsung Galaxy S21 family pushes the display punch hole to the limits of the top of the display – nearly reverting back to a notch.

The holes

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone lineup continues to reduce the size of their Infinity-O punch hole design. Here we see that Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 with punch holes that are quite likely a TINY bit smaller than those of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+, with a bit of a bump upward toward the topmost edge of the panel.

The Galaxy S21+ glass model shown here has a space just barely showing between the edge of the punch hole and the edge of the display. The Galaxy S21 model here has a space between the elements that's even smaller than that of the Galaxy S21+. You'll see a set of leaked photos in the Tweet below, courtesy of Ice Universe.

The edges

You – and commenters aplenty – will likely also notice the ever-so-slight different between the widths of the bezels around the edges of these devices' displays. The Galaxy S21 has a nearly equilateral set of bezels, likely indicating that the device has a flatter design – like the Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S21+ model here has a bigger bezel on the bottom than on any of the other sides, likely pointing toward a more curve-edged design.

Just the two?

The next Samsung Galaxy smartphone line appears to be limited to two models. This is a surprise, not because Samsung always releases more than 2 devices in each year's Galaxy S lineup, but because of Apple. In the year 2020, Apple released 4 devices in their iPhone 12 line, including an iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Samsung doesn't need to release devices in lock-step with Apple, but the two companies have generally released devices in a manner that's... pretty similar over the past decade. This might be a sign that Samsung's found a stride that's distinctly separate from the iPhone. We'll see in early 2021!

NOTE: The appearance of the images leaked today do not necessarily guarantee that Samsung wont release any additional devices in the Galaxy S21 line. However, MOST of the time when we see a leak such as this, a whole "family" set is shown at once. This isn't a guarantee of Samsung's future plans – it's more akin to a clue about the way they're manufacturing their devices. It could just be that these two devices are the first of several that'll be released in the Galaxy S21 line. Maybe there's a Galaxy S21 Mini, too, and a Galaxy S21+ Ultra. We'll just have to wait and see!