Galaxy S21 firmware update begins rolling out in the US addressing serious issues

A couple of significant issues has plagued many owners of the Galaxy S21 smartphone in the US. One of the problems with the smartphone has to do with camera lag impacting owners of the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. Some of those users have been dealing with another issue that led to device overheating.An update to address those issues is available, and reports indicate the update is now rolling out to some customers in the US. Comcast and Xfinity Mobile are rolling the new firmware out to the Galaxy S21 family of devices on their service. Users of those services will know when they've received the firmware update by looking for firmware version G99xUSQU4AUF5.

Samsung has detailed what users can expect in the update, promising optimizations for the camera's portrait mode and fixes for lag encountered when zooming in and out on the subject. Another annoyance that is fixed by the firmware update is the ability to scan QR codes saved in the device gallery using an integrated QR code scanner.

Video call effects have been improved, and Samsung promises that once the update is installed, overheating issues are solved. The update also brings an integrated June 2021 security patch. For users on services that have the update available to download, it is available manually by going into the Software Update area of Settings, where the Download and install button can be tapped.

Users can download the software from the firmware archive, but they need to be connected to a Windows PC to do so. Problems with expensive and high-end smartphones are unfortunately not uncommon. You might think that spending in the thousand dollars or more range on a device would mean that it was perfect, but that is never the case.