Galaxy S21 FE specs leaked by Google Play Console

Samsung went all out on its third-gen foldable phones, and those have been the focus of a lot of attention, reviews, and even negative feedback in the past few days. That's not really surprising considering the novelty and price tag of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and even the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Not all of Samsung's customers, however, are easily swayed by marketing, and those might appreciate a more affordable flagship. That is still coming, at least according to Google Play's developer console that just revealed the specs for the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE.

Of course, there isn't anything new in this premature listing, but the specs do confirm what we already know so far. The Galaxy S21 FE will unsurprisingly run on a Snapdragon 888, the current top-of-the-line Qualcomm SoC, assisted by 6GB of RAM. The Google Play Console data doesn't mention expected the 6.4-inch screen size, only the 2009x1080 FHD+ resolution.

The more important part of this leak is the confirmation of the Galaxy S21 FE's existence. The "cheaper" Galaxy S flagship has had a rather rough ride if rumors are correct. The phone was delayed and even believed to have been canceled, mostly due to the ongoing chip supply shortage.

It's still coming, but some are beginning to doubt if it's too little too late for the Fan Edition phone. It will all depend on whether Samsung will offer it with an irresistible price tag. The rumored $699 takes it too close to the discounted price of the Galaxy S21 5G base model, making it less of a compelling purchase, especially with continuing discounts and sales.

That wouldn't be good for a phone that's meant to salvage the Galaxy S21 line's sales figures, especially when it will arrive three to four months ahead of the Galaxy S22. The Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be announced in September or October, depending on how the semiconductor situation turns out in the coming weeks.